10 September, 2006


sA man's faith is a funny thing. It's not something that's based on reason, or whatever mankind chooses to call reason; I'll be damned if the Mumbai blasts are anything close to what could be called reason. So anyway, there are thousands and thousands of gods. Religious gods. Spiritual gods. Demi-gods. Lesser gods. Greater gods. Children of a lesser God. And those who believe they follow a Greater God.

And there's Andre Agassi. And there's Iron maiden.

As different as chalk and cheese. But both icons of a generation. A generation which, one feels, is long gone. A generation of spandex. Long hair. Flamboyance. And truckloads of talent.

My Gods. Not Gods because of what they won, or the number of albums they released. But because of what they meant to me, growing up. Every high. Maiden by my side. Every low. Remember Agassi. Every sorrow; Maiden's there for you. Every adrenaline rush; you know what he feels every time he walks out onto center court.

Goodbye and Adieu Andre Agassi.

Rock is Dead. Long live Iron Maiden.

PS. I do not like Michael Schumacher. I absolutely detest him. Nevertheless, he's God. All of you who swear by his name, I respect you. On the day of his retirement, a toast to his greatness.

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