26 August, 2010

How i found the muse.. (ramblings contt.)

.. all right, I’m back, after a long gap, but then, a lot has been happening with me over the past three weeks. I’m like a guinea pig in my head, running as fast as I can, but just can't seem to get to the other side! But that is a story for later, for now, let's go back to where I left off...

Can you please remind me what I was doing back here? Oh yeah, I was surprised. Very surprised. I always used to believe that there were the 'dreamers'(as opposed to the hippie generation) and there were the 'planners' (these are the people who like to box things in. My sister is a prime example). Well for some very weird and inexplicable reason, I just couldn't find a dreamer to speak to about my life. So, this is what I went through:

Scene - glass of beer in my hand, heart-to-heart outside the bhadrachalam bar (yes, there was a bar on the campus!)

Players: Adi & Abi

Adi – hey, you know what? I started to give a bit of thought on what I wanted to do with my life, and I’m hitting a brick wall. I’m pretty sure I want to do an MBA, but I haven't given much thought as to why I want to do it.

Abi – Good for you man! But what is it that you want to do?

Adi - ummm... aaaahhh... I dunno...

Abi – Dude, you really need to figure out what you want to do. Once you do that everything will fall in place!

Adi - (….......................................) silence

Scene 2 – Google talk chat transcript:

A – so what plans?

H – machan, I really want to be in the real estate space. I just completed a major switch right now, I think I’m on the right track to where I wanna be...

A - (… left the conversation)

I guess you guys get the picture. Long story short, I kinda figured that I had to do some serious thinking. The good news was, I already had my GMAT out of the way. Bad news: I had just 2 months to think, and make up for 26 years of morbid stupidity!

(Historical note: I think it was around this time that the stock price of ITC (cig) and United Spirits (liq) shot up dramatically. I’m sure everybody was wondering why. Well, now you guys know. It was me doing my 'thinking'.)

Jokes apart, a month later, I actually figured out that I did have a fair idea of what the end point was. No clear path, no google map which stretched forward in time. But an image. An idea. And that was when I came to realise that I was getting there. And quite surprisingly, it wasn't like I had imagined it to be, it wasn't a case of me going over to the dark side. I was still the dreamer. I still didn't know what I was doing the next day, but in the brownian space of my mind (Physics 101, in case you're confused) there was this energy which made the entire setup a little less random, the fine line on the edge of chaos which is where we really want to end up, but are too scared to stay there..(that's a bit random, but its true, believe it or not!)

So, how did this change things? Well, for one, the MBA made sense suddenly, and I had something to do! (snigger.. I didn't really realize the ride I was in for, but I’m being positive here for a change instead of cynical, so bear with me!)

more for later.. story to continue!!

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Sir I didn't understand completely what u want to say because of my poor English next time please write it in simple English