19 October, 2010

a quarter past, half of fall, and some other fractions..

----of the passage of the quarter past---

of the right price, and a willingness to pay,
we regress a curve, and figure, what do I say?
bring a toupee, and feet made of clay,
never once did i see, an uninteresting day.

a time of discovery, a time of mirth,
a time for me, to discover my worth,
a time, with memories, there's no dearth
and you start wondering, do i deserve this berth?

a dozen score, and then a few more,
each brings a unique lore,
split into cohorts of four,
the smaller the class, the friends the more!

classes, parties, mixers there are here,
all par for the course, my sister dear,
time's too short, missing out do i fear,
no trivial pursuit, no studying mere.

what pray, does the future for me hold,
a crystal ball, my actions foretold?
alas, this brave new world, is not yet so bold,
why do I shiver, when it yet ain't so cold?

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